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Welcome to Chippewavalleyaquatics

Our main ojective is keeping rare species of livebearers in the Goodeidae family.

Our goal is to keep breeding colonies of all Goodeid species and their different ESU's, (Evolutionarily Significant Unit's).

We also keep and breed other various species that interest us.  We will be selling some of these as they breed to help fund our Goodeid project. 

The Goodeidae Family of fishes is divided into two Subfamilies, Goodeinae, and Empetrichthyinae. The Goodeinae Subfamily is a group of true viviparous freshwater fishes endemic to Mexico's shallow rivers and small springs. The Subfamily is made up of 18 Genera consisting of about 42 Species. The largest of the species can grow up to around 8 inches, but the majority of them are 2 inches or less. The Goodeids are all sexually dimorphic. The females of most species are plain looking, but the males of certain species are quite colorful.  The most distinguishing difference between male and female Goodeids is in the anal fin.  The first 6      rays of the anal fin are separated from the remaining rays by a notch.  Those first six rays form an andropodium, which is used in the mating process.  This notch, as seen in the photo of the Characodon lateralis below, is where the name "Splitfin" derived from.                                                                                                                                             


Young Chapalicthys pardalis


Male Characodon lateralis

                   All photos unless specified are taken by us.

Information where cited has been taken from the Goodeid Working Group, the American Livebearer Association, or other. For more information and to verify our facts, please follow the links below






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