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I have been keeping and breeding fish for many years. We moved to our current location in 2012. I became somewhat obsessed with the conservation of the Goodeids from Mexico. I converted my basement into a fish room, dedicating the majority of it to these little "ditch fish." My daughter and I then started Chippewavalleyaquatics. We have about forty tanks and are growing rapidly.  



I discovered the Chippewa river at age 7, and spent most of my childhood in, on, or near the river. That is where I acquired my passion for all things aquatic. My first store bought fish was an Oscar in 1991. I've been keeping fish ever since.



I Have lived with   Multiple fish tanks in our house my entire life. I have been helping care for them for many years.  It only seems natural to have a basement full of fish tanks.



Ayden has been our "little fish helper" since he has been able to walk and talk. He is now part of our team. Maybe he will be a leader in the next generation of fish conservationists.

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