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Skiffia multipunctata

Tiro Pintado
Spotted Skiffia
Pellegrin, J. (1901)

Etymology: The species name is derived from the Latin meaning "with many spots".

Skiffia multipunctata is endemic to the Mexican ferderal states of Jalisco and Michoacan. It has been historically found from the lower Rio Lerma drainage, including Rio Duero, and Rio Grande de Santiago/Laguna Chapala to about Guadalajara. There are no distinguishable ESU's, so all fish belong to SKIMU1. The maximum known size is 72 mm  (about 2-3/4 inches) ("About the Species, Skiffia multipunctata").

Male S. multipunctata
       Male S. punctata 
black blotching covering 
       most of the body
 Another male showing        little black blotching

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Miller, Robert et al. Freshwater Fishes of Mexico. The University of Chicago Press, 2005

A female within days of 
         dropping fry
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